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Hamilton- the Waterfall Capital of the World

Dual illumination Saturday Night

we are planning our first ever "dual" Illumination for Saturday Night!!! Tiffany and Sherman falls together, stay tuned for further details!!!!

Tiffany Falls  Sherman Falls

Albion Falls Waterfall Illumination June 5 2013

Albion Falls Waterfall Illumination

Tuesday June 4 2013 there will be an Illumination at Albion Falls, lights will be on at 9:10pm!!! Bring your camera and a friend, free waterfall postcards will be handed out as well!!! Your admission is a donation for the foodbank, drop off at the City of Waterfalls car!!!. Click on the map below for directions, see you there. :)


Albion Falls
View Albion Falls in a larger map

Tiffany Waterfalls Illumination

Thursday May 30 2013 there will be an Illumination at Tiffany Falls, lights will be on at 9pm!!! Enjoy the great weather with family and friends. This will be a great night showcasing one of the 126 waterfalls in Hamilton. Click on the map below for directions, see you there. :)


Tiffany Falls
View Larger Map

Victoria Day Weekend

looks like it will be a nice weekend!! So if you an opportunity this weekend please go visit a waterfalls.

Also remember where appropriate footwear and always be safe.

Did You Know?

Baby Webster's Falls is a complex ribbon waterfall which has water during seasonal storms and after the winter snow melt. Its height is 9 metres (30 ft.) and its width is 3 metres (10 ft.) It is located on a tributary of the Spencer Creek, on a separate ravine near Webster's Falls and can be seen from both the top and bottom.

Did You Know?

Ancaster Heights Falls a Terraced Ribbon Cascade located on a Tiffany tributary. It measures 13.4 metres (44 feet) in height and its crest width is 1.8 metres (6 feet). It enjoys vigorous flow after heavy rainfalls and during the winter snow melt.

Did You Know?

Albion Falls is a place of tremendous beauty, yet it is also the site of numerous tragedies, some famous, some now forgotten. It's also the location of the first natural gas discovery in Ontario.

Albion Falls Photo by Frank Greco

Hi folks!!

looks like it will be raining this weekend, But that just means more water for our waterfalls. So if you an opportunity this weekend please go visit one of her waterfalls.

Also remember where appropriate footwear and always be safe.

St Patricks Day Illumination at Sherman Falls, Ancaster 2013

St Patricks Day Illumination and 1st ever live upstreaming to the world!

Ready to broadcast to the world our beautiful waterfalls!


Our Waterfalls are out of this "WORLD"

Live Stream of Albion Falls Tomorrow March 9, 2013

Hello waterfall friends . We will be doing a live stream to the internet at Albion Falls tomorrow from noon till 2 pm. And weather permitting a night time illumination live stream to the internet as well, this is a first for us. Come on out and enjoy the beauty of our own waterfalls in our wonderful city. Food trucks are going to be there as well.

Albion Falls

Valentine's Day‏ Illumination at Sherman Falls at 7pm

We will be holding a very special Valentine's Day illumination in red. We ask everybody that comes out to please dress appropriately for the weather, also wear good footwear.
With that being said please come out and enjoy the beautiful view with your love one.


We at City of Waterfalls would like to wish you a Happy New Year and a safe holiday.

Happy New Year

Albion Falls Illumination

Thank you to all who attended our Illumination on Dec 19th. Once again we had a record attendance and Albion never looked so good! Also thank you for sharing on our Facebook page all the great photos that everyone submitted! We want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Citizen of the Year Award

Annual illumination of HMCS Haida on Remembrance Day

Come join us for our annual illumination of HMCS Haida on Remembrance Day. Here is the illumination of HMCS Haida on Remembrance Day 2010. Also on this day we unveiled Canadian Heroes Memorial Vehicle #2 earlier that day at Warplane Heritage. Listen to the video we actually had the daughter of a former Captain of Haida.


Hamilton Remembers Lincoln Alexander

Last night, two events happened in the city of Hamilton to honour Lincoln Alexander. City Hall projected his image along the side of their building, and the group City Of Waterfalls illuminated Albion Falls in blue to honour Linc.

Lincoln Alexander passed October 19, at the age of 90. Today his funeral will take place at Hamilton Place.

The ceremony is expected to begin at 12:30pm with a procession from City Hall to Hamilton Place.

The service will then begin at approximately 2:30pm. Close to 1,000 seats have been made available for the public to view at Commonwealth Square where the service will be broadcast.


Special Waterfall Illumination Today At 8pm EST Oct 25, 2012

There will be a special waterfall illumination in memory of Lincoln Alexander, today at Albion Falls in Hamilton.

The command to activate the lights will be given by a member of Mr. Alexander's family.
The illumination will begin between 8 and 9pm. PLEASE

NOTE: specific details with regards to the timing of the illumination are still being arranged,
and there may be delays related to the arrival of the family. However, if you wish to attend, it is best to arrive for 8.

Check out our Facebook

Need a Good Bus Driver!

See this big beautiful bus down below?? I need drivers for her so we can hit the streets of Hamilton and start to collect food for our food banks!!! My dream is to have her on the road every day at a different spot collecting food!!! Who wants to help out!!!??? Know any good drivers???

Contact us via email info@cityofwaterfalls.ca or twitter

Hamilton- the Waterfall Capital of the World

Ideal Home & Garden Show 2012

Come join us, see the BUS and say hello!

The event takes place October 12-14, 2012 at the Careport Centre in Hamilton, On.

Friday Oct. 12 Noon - 8pm
Saturday Oct. 13 10am - 7pm
Sunday Oct. 14 10am - 5pm

The Careport Centre
270 Longwood Rd S.
Hamilton, ON, L8P 0A6

Adults (18+): $12.00
Seniors (65+): $10.00
Youths (13-17): $10.00
Kids under 13: FREE

Save $3 off admission when you buy online!


Hamilton- the Waterfall Capital of the World

Albion Falls Illumination This Friday At 8:30pm

This Friday September 7, 2012 we will be having an illumination at Albion Falls. Volunteers are always needed an hour prior to the illumination. We plan to have the lights on inbetween 8-8:30. Come on out, bring a camera and enjoy this great event!

See you there!

View Larger Map
View Larger Map
View Larger Map

Albion Falls

Albion Falls this morning picture taken at 6:15 am, Thursday morning October 20, 2011 in the pitch dark sun not up for another hour yet, after the big storm.

me to Hamilton, the Waterfall Capital of the World!


www.cityofwaterfalls.ca reaches 100,000!

At 2:17 pm today a visitor from Toronto stopped by our City of Waterfalls website and made history by being the 100,000th person to visit our site.

The website went live May 19, 2008 and since then has grown at an incredible rate.

Each and every day people are coming from all over the world to our site, but ironically enough its the local visitors that are growing the fastest.

A year ago we had 50% traffic from Hamilton and the rest from outside, but that has now changed to a whopping 75% of traffic is now from outside Hamilton.

Each and every day we are on the streets spreading the word about Hamilton and its beautiful waterfalls, just last weekend we attended the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade and handed out 5,000 brochures and postcards to people along the route.

I need to thank the people whom have come out to make this the largest social movement the City has ever seen or experienced in its history, it is truly amazing and humbling to watch Hamiltonians go to all lengths to promote the City when we are at events, festivals and fairs, there is still a lot of work to do, and I look forward to reporting back to you when we reach the next milestone!!!

You Tube Channel of The City of Waterfalls hits 20,000 mark

Our ever growing City of Waterfalls You Tube Channel, just rolled over the 20,000 visit mark!!!!We have started to really use the power of You Tube within the last few months, ever since our roll out of our radio ad in CHUM FM in Toronto, our site traffic has went through the roof!!People from all over the world have now stopped and visited our channel and view our videos, which by the way if you have not noticed are also appearing on our website, twitter,blog and Facebook group as well.The multi-media exposure is growing daily, as we continue to grow and spread the word about Hamilton and its wonderful waterfalls!!!!


On Friday, October 16, 2009 Chris Ecklund and the Hamilton City of Waterfalls will be hosting a customer appreciation event at Scotiabank, located at 12 King Street East, Hamilton, Ontario. We will be providing refreshments, information, and a waterfall-inspired cake. Scotiabank will be open from the hours of 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please stop by and celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing everyone there!!


The City of Waterfalls Bus is now on the road!

The City of Waterfalls Bus made its debut at the Winona Peach Festival on August 29, 2009. Heads turned and smiles erupted at the sight of the large, beautifully wrapped RV making its way through the Hamilton streets, toward the festival site. See the videos below: the day was windy, but the WOWs are still audible!

Mr. Ecklund intends to exhibit the bus at the multitude of fairs and festivals that take place annually throughout Ontario, and is looking into some cross-border events as well. The bus itself has been used at numerous community events already, and Mr. Ecklund welcomes any group that would like to use the bus at their event to give him a call.

City of Waterfalls Bus
The City of Waterfalls Bus is the jewel in the crown of the Waterfall Capital motor fleet!
City of Waterfalls Bus
This gorgeous asset to the City of Waterfalls initiative made its first public appearance at the Winona Peach Festival. Crowd response was wildly enthusiastic.
City of Waterfalls Bus
The bus wrap consists of photos taken by our dedicated team of waterfallers.

The video playlist below begins with the City of Waterfalls bus being wrapped at Trimline, and then progresses to its August 29 debut at the Winona Peach Festival!



CityOfWaterfalls.ca is a celebration of Hamilton's many waterfalls and how they collectively make our great city the Waterfall Capital of the World. Make sure that you bookmark it and keep visiting, as this site has become a huge portal containing all types of information about these natural wonders and the various ways that they have contributed to the growth and economic development of Hamilton.

This website was sponsored and developed by Hamilton community leader and businessman Chris Ecklund, with active support and assistance from Joseph Hollick, known affectionately on the team as "Mr. Waterfall". It is a labour of love and a gift to the community of Hamilton, in recognition of the city's enviable position as the Waterfall Capital of the World.

Our Facebook group is exploding in growth, with over 12,000 members now signed up. According to Facebook Analytics, we are now at 215 million impressions in the Facebook network. The City of Waterfalls Facebook Group is the largest Hamilton-themed group on the Facebook Network.

We also have our super-popular Keepers of the Water Ning group. Joining is easy, and you get your own mini-site that you can easily add waterfall photos and videos to. If you've ever used Facebook or MySpace, you'll find this Ning setup to be a breeze! If public forums are more your style, sign up for our Falls Forum. Unlike many groups and organizations who hire marketing companies and install a forum or two for SEO purposes, Chris Ecklund and the City of Waterfalls web team give those who love Hamilton's waterfalls a choice of internet venues to proclaim and show their support.


Last updated: September 25, 2009
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